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The Closeout Food Buyer is the solution for your excess food inventories. For over two decades we have been the simple and trusted answer to the needs of hundreds of manufacturers nationwide. We purchase and then pick up close-dated, overproduced and discontinued food, beverage and pet items from warehouse locations around the USA and quietly move these goods through a highly discreet association of non-traditional discount outlets.

Here at Wham Foods, we buy your overstock food and beverages.

Sell to us

America’s manufacturers have trusted us for over two decades to make discreet distribution of their food closeouts to secondary and close-out markets nationwide. We are closeout buyers able to make immediate purchasing decisions, provide quick pickup and offer quick payment.

Buy our food closeouts

We provide quality discount food items to secondary markets nationwide. If your company is a secondary retailer, dollar chain, discount variety store, regional grocer, discount grocery outlet store or food bank, we can help your bottom line.

Our principles

Our policies and business practices have remained consistent from the start. Understanding the importance of being discreet, we handle all of our own shipping to make certain all inventories remain in the secondary marketplace.